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Tekstvak: Symphoricarpos Sofie

Symphoricarpos (coral Berry) belongs to the family Caprifoliaceae, and is native to North America.


Symphoricarpos Sofie is a coral berry with many bright pink berries of a breathless beauty.

Symphoricarpos Sofie requires no special soil and is winter-hardy. It thrives in sunny places or in partial shade and is excellent for gardens, parks and public green spaces.

The broad strong plant forms upright branches with blue-green leaves.

It flowers form June to September, bearing after that a profusion of bright pink berries of breathless beauty which you will be able to enjoy right up to December.

For the best results Symphoricarpos Sofie must be cut back to a height of about 20 cm in February or March.

The plant grows up to 110 cm high and the planting space is 125 cm.


This coralberry is very suitable as a cutflower!


The harvest time is from the start of October till the end of October.


Symphoricarpos Sofie has plant breeders rights!


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